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Rules of the market place

Rules of the market place

Specific sizes and shapes are more in demand than others.

In the 1920s and 30s, most rough diamonds came from Cape town, South Africa. These diamonds were cut mostly for weight retention. They definitely have less sparkle and brilliancy than the diamonds cut after Marcel Tolkowsky revolutionized the art of precious stone cutting.

They are commonly called “cape stones” in the diamond industry. They appear whiter than they are, they are in fact quite yellow. They trade at a discount in the market place.

Conversely, the “3X” diamonds with a beautiful color (D,E,F) could trade at a premium over Argus prices.

Diamonds smaller than 0.5 carat are difficult to negociate as single stones on the secondary market due to market structure.

Melees stones (0.01 ct to 0.016 ct) can be sold but at a strong discount.

Important factors

The diamond valuation must be done by an experienced diamond trader.

Payment must be done on the spot and should not be compared to any theoretical price, or retail price.

Important factors
Other possibilities

Other possibilities

To our clients who have the luxury of time, diamonds can be consigned to us. In that case we will offer the stone to our retail clients list and get a potentially higher price.

Of course the price will be higher than a trading price but without any certainty of a sale.

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